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Offering world class autonomous aerial services in the UAV industry

Sky is the Limit!


Cayuse Native Solutions is an Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS / drone) service provider that serves  Tribes, Tribal entities, Native owned businesses, and other organizations serving Indigenous communities and people.  We provide a cutting edge service that utilizes the latest in technology to capture high-resolution aerial images, videos, and data to help our clients make informed decisions and manage resources.  We strive to empower Indigenous communities to protect and enhance natural resources.

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Ways we can help tribal communities with Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) technology, including state of the art LIDAR systems and high resolution cameras:

  • Mapping and data collection

  • Public safety

  • Disaster response

  • Search and rescue

  • Wildlife and fish surveys

  • Precision agriculture

  • Natural resources management 

  • Marketing

  • Community events

  • Climate change data collection

  • Infrastructure inspections

  • Right-of-Way Inspections and mapping

  • Construction monitoring

  • and so much more!

We can also train your people to become FAA certified drone operators.

We offer a pilot course and flight camp to prepare your employees or tribal community members. The drone industry continues to build momentum and demand is growing for professional UAV pilots.


A few career options for FAA certified drone pilots:

  • Flight Instructor or Test Pilot

  • Marketing and Real Estate Imagery

  • Film making

  • Natural Resource Survey & Mapping

  • Precision Agriculture

  • Power line or solar panel inspector

  • Construction planning and inspection

  • Firefighting

  • Search & Rescue / Public Safety

  • Journalism


Unmanned Professional Pilot Course:

  • Trains students to safely plan and execute UAS missions in FAA-regulated National Airspace.

  • Prepares students to take the FAA Part 107 Remote Pilot Certificate exam.

  • Course serves as a ground school prior to flight training in our "Flight Camp."

Flight Camp Course:

  • Hands on training for students to safely operate and maintain multi-rotor and fixed wing UAS.

  • Teaches students to launch, recover, inspect and repair UAS per FAA and OEM standards.

  • Introduces student to real-world missions collection data with advanced sensors.

Training location is Pendleton, Oregon.... or we can come to you! 

Group discounts available. Give us a call or send an email to learn more and get a quote.

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