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Tribal Advantage

About Cayuse

We understand Tribes. Our team has first-hand experience working for a tribe and delivering services to a Tribal community. 

Cayuse has served Tribes, Tribal enterprises and other organizations that serve Indian Country. Our past performance includes services and products to help tribes in their important responsibility of caring for their people.

As part of the Cayuse family of companies we can leverage a wide array of expertise and resources to help deliver excellent quality service and products.


When you hire a company owned by a Tribe, such as Cayuse, you support the Tribal communities who depend on those Tribal enterprises.


Experienced Native Team

Our team consists of tribal members who collectively have more than 80 years of service to a tribal government. We understand that while each tribe is unique, there are some characteristics and challenges that many Native Nations face no matter their size or location.

We like doing business and partnering with other Native owned organizations to deliver our high quality services and products. If you are such a business or organization serving Indian Country, we're happy to explore opportunities to partner!


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