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We're hiring a Digital Navigator

We've received funding from the National Digital Inclusion Alliance to create a digital inclusion program for the Umatilla Indian Reservation community. As a result, we are recruiting a community member to become our new Digital Navigator.

What is a Digital Navigator?

Digital navigators are trusted guides who assist community members in internet adoption and the use of computing devices. Digital navigation services include ongoing one-on-one assistance with affordable internet access, device acquisition, technical skills, and application support. The digital navigator model is a holistic, community-based, digital inclusion program established by NDIA and developed by the NDIA community of digital inclusion practitioners. See more information and resources at

Here's the link to our job announcement, so please consider applying if you're from the Umatilla Reservation community and have a desire to help our community members learn digital skills, access new devices and serve as a resource.

Check out our recent blog post for more info on our digital inclusion program.

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