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Happy Thanksgiving from Cayuse Native Solutions!

Since we were first stood up as Nati’tayt (people), the Cayuse, Umatilla and Walla Walla have always gathered throughout the year to share meals and to unite as “one heart, one mind”. We show gratitude through song and prayer for the gifts of our First Foods, our prosperity and our way of life. We feast and we give thanks today and always.

We wish you a safe and fulfilling holiday!


Photo: **Basket full of freshly picked Huckleberries. Huckleberries are one of the First Foods gathered in late Summer. **Tribal Youth waiting to serve First Foods at Salmon Camp. (CRITFC) **Plates of Salmon awaiting presentation during the annual Root Feast held every Spring at Mission Longhouse. **Kupin’s (Root Diggers) – Iron tools used by Plateau Tribal people to gather roots.

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