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Feeling a bit bulky?

As we enter the second half of the year, many organizations are considering how to stretch their budget and wisely spend funds allocated for the year. Bulk supplies and major equipment purchases are often a big part of those decisions, especially with the supply chain challenges we all face. Perhaps it's a good time to evaluate your buying strategy and sources.

Here are some key considerations for tribal governments and enterprises when making purchasing decisions:

  • Price

  • Quality

  • Source credibility and reliability

  • Diversity buying goals

  • Tribal vendor preference

  • Goals to strengthen tribal economies and keep money circulating within Indian Country

  • Responsiveness of suppliers to tribal needs

  • Supplier knowledge of tribal government procurement practices and constraints

We can help you plan for your supply needs as you go about spending your 2022 budget and also planning your 2023 budget. We can also relieve your storage concerns with scheduled deliveries based on your needs. As a tribally-owned enterprise, we can help work towards your procurement goals with an understanding of the unique limitations you may face due to procurement policies and budgets. We understand that tribes and tribal enterprises usually strive to use Native vendors when possible, which we love and appreciate!

Cayuse Native Solutions offers a product sourcing service to help you acquire just about anything. Here are some key product categories where we may be able to help:

  1. Office equipment and supplies

  2. Computer hardware, software, and IT supplies

  3. Medical, health and human services

  4. Safety and emergency

  5. Furniture and appliances

  6. Heavy equipment

Our sourcing specialists provide accurate and cost competitive sources, tracking, and final-mile delivery of a variety of products and solutions.

Even if you're not quite ready to press the "buy" button, we're happy to schedule time to chat about your supply needs now and into the coming year.

Give us a call at 541-429-6983 or drop an email to

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