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Convention apps are hot!

Cayuse Native Solutions offers a customized web-based app for conventions and conferences to be held around Indian Country in 2023. Now's the time to book us for your event.

Key features and benefits of our convention app:

  • Simple and streamlined viewing of convention agenda, venue map, presenters, sponsors.

  • Optimized for viewing on smartphones.

  • Conference organizers can add announcements or update convention info from a smartphone or computer.

  • Convention attendees access the app with a QR code (no need to download from app store).

  • No cumbersome app registration required for convention attendees.

  • Interface with your organization’s social media.

  • Secure and reliable.

  • Fun features can be added, such as a scavenger hunt or other activity.

  • Customized with your branding.

Convention app elements can be scaled according to your needs:

  • Website template design based on client logo, colors and style guide.

  • Agenda Page with links such as PowerPoints or handouts

  • List of Speakers and Bio information

  • Map of Meeting Venue

  • Sponsors Page

  • Exhibitors Page

  • Announcements Page

  • Messaging with conference organizers

  • Conference Feedback Form(s)

  • QR Code created for you to share with conference attendees so they can quickly access the convention app

  • Administrative access and training (ability for conference organizers to make edits to conference info and quickly add conference announcements). This can even be done from your mobile device.

  • Training for performing live functionality and real time updates during the conference.

If you're hosting or organizing a conference this year, we'd love to chat to see if our conference app can make your event even more fantastic!

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