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We help Native groups

invest in the well-being of their people and communities.


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Our Core Services

Digital Marketing, Communications Apps

  • Camp Crier mobile app

  • Conference / Convention apps

  • Website development and management

  • Graphic Design

  • Social media management and training

  • Reels (video shorts) development

  • Video projects

Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (drone) service

  • Certified drone operators

  • World class equipment

  • Data collection

  • Aerial images

  • Endless list of potential uses: mapping, disaster response, search and rescue, fisheries habitat surveys, climate change data collection, infrastructure inspections......

Public Safety

  • Public Safety Websites and Blogs (post from your mobile phone while out in the field, or from your computer in the office)

  • Camp Crier mobile app - a communications tool to quickly shoot out emergency notifications

  • Blog interfaces with our Camp Crier mobile app 

  • Air Quality notifications for communities via our Camp Crier mobile app


News and Resources

Updates, insight, and guidance to those looking to learn more about Cayuse Native Solutions and our products/services.

About Cayuse Native Solutions

Cayuse Native Solutions belongs to a family of SBA 8(a) certified companies that are wholly owned by the Confederated Tribes of the Umatilla Indian Reservation (CTUIR), a federally recognized Native Nation headquartered near Pendleton, Oregon.

Cayuse is committed to excellence by providing innovative and flexible solutions to Native Nations, Tribal enterprises, Native American owned small businesses and organizations that serve Indian Country, as well as organizations that serve Native Hawaiians and Native Hawaiian businesses.

Cayuse Native Solutions understands tribes and their unique needs and situations.


We offer an array of services using in-house resources, subcontractors and our Cayuse network of experts and resources.  


What our customers are saying about Cayuse Native Solutions:
"Very prompt and professional service. Extremely communicative and helpful.
Very holistic view for helping on a scalable level."
"Response time, communication, effort to collaborate with other tribal members."
"The team communicated well, helped troubleshoot,
and delivered the app plug-in in a timely manner."
"Everything has been excellent! Keep up the good work for Indian Country."
"So happy to have a local professional service provider
who commits to community, culture, and competency."
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