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Now offering world class autonomous aerial services in the UAv industry

Cayuse Native Solutions is an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV / drone) service provider that specializes in serving Tribes, Tribal entities, Native owned businesses, and other organizations serving Indigenous communities and people. We provide a cutting edge service that utilizes the latest in UAV technology to capture high-resolution aerial images, videos, and data to help our clients make informed decisions. Our mission is to empower Indigenous communities to ensure the protection and enhancement of their natural resources.

Cayuse Native Solutions offers top-of-the-line drones and accompanying technology, combined with the expertise and training to turn your staff and community members into certified UAV operators. Take your operations to the next level with Cayuse Native Solutions.

Now offering world class autonomous aerial services in the UAS industry

Burned Forest
  • Wildfire Support

  • Public Safety

  • Disaster Response

  • Search and Rescue

Image by no one cares
  • Mapping

  • Agriculture &                               Livestock Surveys

  • Wildlife Management

  • Natural Resources

Golf Course Aerial Shot
  • Marketing

  • Community Events

  • Climate Change Data Collection

Heavy Machinery Parking Area
  • Infrastructure Inspections

  • Right-of-way Inspections 

  • Project Resource Management

  • Training and Education

Ways we can help tribal communities use UAV technology

Our Partners
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